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ERCES / BDA Systems

An Emergency Responder Radio Communication Enhancement System (ERCES), also known as a Building Distribution Amplifier (BDA), has become a mandated in-building requirement for many municipalities around the country. ERCES systems use a network of small antennas to receive external public safety radio signals, and then retransmit these signals throughout the building. This retransmission ensures penetration in all building areas, including stairwells, elevators, basements, and other heavily shielded areas.

SystemOne is a turnkey integrator of Emergency Responder Radio Communication Enhancement Systems  (ERCES) and uilding Distribution Amplifiers (BDA). Our designers and field technicians are licensed, factory trained, and certified by the manufacturers of the systems we engineer, install, and maintain.

We engineer ERCES systems that comply with building codes and fire safety ordinances for local jurisdictions as well as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 1221) and International Fire Code (IFC 510). Our Public Safety DAS solutions deliver consistent, reliable, and strong radio frequency coverage and signal strength throughout large, dense, and sprawling facilities and campuses including high rises, towers, underground garages, basements, and parking structures.



SystemOne ERCES & BDA Solutions:

  • Radio site survey (benchmark testing)
  • Local AHJ Meeting to Confirm required Frequencies
  • RF System Designs
  • Propagation predictions
  • Heat maps
  • Engineered Drawings
  • Equipment B.O.M.
  • Full system turnkey installations
  • Yearly system checkups and maintenance



We have used SystemOne as our go-to partner for over 15 years for projects containing elements of Voice/Data Cabling and Fiber Optic installations. Their professionalism, quality of work, and ability to meet tight timetables has made it easy to say they are my recommended partner.


Nutmeg Technologies

I have enjoyed working with SystemOne over the years. They have always gone above and beyond to go the extra mile to accommodate us. SystemOne is always willing to do what’s asked of them. I appreciate the quality and timeliness of the work they do.

I would highly recommend them to anyone no matter the size of the work needed. They are very professional and always deliver great outcomes.


Hartford HealthCare

What is factored in to a ERCES System?

Building Size
Our team will help to analyze your building's requirements, ensure they are fully covered in the ERCES/BDA services, and that you are receiving the best possible signal strength. Detailed drawings are developed for all installations.
Licensing Requirements
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates the commercial radiofrequency spectrum and requires that you have a valid license if you are operating a two-way radio system. Our team will ensure that your building stays compliant with all FCC requirements.
Frequency Requirements
Our team will ensure that your ERCES/BDA system works with the correct Public Safety, Police, and Fire Department frequencies. Using the correct frequencies enhances seamless communication between emergency responders and aid safe passage in and out of the building in case of an emergency. NOTE: All initial quotes are baseline estimates until all required frequencies are confirmed with the local AHJ.
Signal Testing
Once you have an ERCES/BDA installed, you’ll be required to test the signal regularly to remain compliant. SystemOne will ensure that the system will work as expected when it’s needed during a real emergency.
Battery Backups
ERCES/BDA laws require that a certain amount of backup power be available for the emergency radio system. SystemOne will ensure that emergency responders can continue to communicate uninhibited regardless of whether the building has power or not.
Testing & Recertification
ERCES systems must be tested and recertified regularly to ensure public safety compliance. SystemOne is licensed and experienced to perform these tests. All testing comes with a detailed report on the signal strength and any signal deficiencies.