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Sound Masking Systems

Many industries like healthcare, government, education, hospitality, law, and finance have strict confidentiality requirements that call for privacy during conversations. Other industries also have a need for reducing noise distractions that may be hindering productivity.

Sound masking systems emit low-level, non-distracting masking noise that is designed to reduce speech intelligibility and improve speech privacy in sensitive environments.

Distractions caused by office machinery, conversations, and other unwanted sounds are vastly improved by a sound masking system. Minimizing distractions and noise pollution have proven to increase productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Installed along a simple grid pattern with space determined by ceiling height, emitters can be implemented rapidly with low impact on the surroundings and little to no downtime for organizations.



SystemOne can help you control sound and enforce confidentiality in your workspace. With our cutting-edge sound masking technology, you’ll be able to protect speech privacy, reduce noise distractions and increase office comfort.



We have used SystemOne as our go-to partner for over 15 years for projects containing elements of Voice/Data Cabling and Fiber Optic installations. Their professionalism, quality of work, and ability to meet tight timetables has made it easy to say they are my recommended partner.


Nutmeg Technologies

I have enjoyed working with SystemOne over the years. They have always gone above and beyond to go the extra mile to accommodate us. SystemOne is always willing to do what’s asked of them. I appreciate the quality and timeliness of the work they do.

I would highly recommend them to anyone no matter the size of the work needed. They are very professional and always deliver great outcomes.


Hartford HealthCare

The Benefits of Sound Masking Systems

Reduce intelligibility of speech and increase privacy during conversations throughout the office environment. Sound Masking Systems reduce the possibility of sensitive information being passed on, overheard, or shared when not authorized.
Sound masking can be installed in various workspaces and building environments. Site surveys provided by SystemOne as necessary.
Paging and music functionality can be added for a complete system. All sound masking systems have multiple options.
Installation in the necessary spaces avoids unwanted noise in adjacent spaces. We can offer many single-system solutions for conference rooms, sensitive areas, and even an individual workstations.
Sound masking systems are designed to grow and change with organizational needs. All systems are expandable with the proper zone modules.